The Partnership That Would End Our Environmental Crisis

April 25, 2022

Energy and environmental problems are closely related, as our current practices make it nearly impossible to produce, transport, or consume energy without significant environmental impact. The environmental problems directly related to energy production and consumption include air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal.


As many are aware, it is the time for innovation in our energy space, and for acting boldly to advance solutions. With hydrocarbons supplying over 60% of the world’s energy, since 1995, the total world energy production has nearly doubled (~95%). Fossil fuels supply around 71% of energy usage, with the remaining renewable energy being broken down into 6% wind, 17% hydropower, 3% solar, and 3% others. 


With the recognition that our current energy practices are not sustainable and with the understanding that energy is a major contributor to our current environmental crisis, after months of research and collaboration, the Henosis Foundation is proud to introduce the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure  (ESI) Summit.

Henosis was created to work in tandem with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) set by the United Nations. These goals serve as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future, and include building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation.

The ESI summit was founded to achieve quantifiable progress when leadership, commerce, science, technology, public and private investment act in coordination to respond to major global challenges. The weekend-long event will assemble influential leaders in the energy and infrastructure industries to discuss solutions in the energy sector, one such challenge being the immediate need for innovative, deployable, and commercially feasible alternative energy solutions. 

After much research, Henosis has selected Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. for their astute solutions to these pressing energy deficiencies. Texas’ own Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI), a groundbreaking force in alternative energy, led by Georg Engelmann, President, and CEO, and Kenneth W. Welch Jr., prolific Inventor and Founder of SeaDog Systems, Inc. will be featured as key innovators at this year’s summit. 

This partnership is one for the ages, as Henosis Foundation (named after Ancient Greek: ἕνωσις) meaning mystical "oneness", "union" or "unity" has the mission to create an equilibrium between humans and their environment. 

ESI is the first inaugural yearly summit assembling the most influential leaders in the energy and infrastructure industries to advance innovative global solutions for our current environmental and climate crisis and ensures a future for our children’s children. 


The ESI Summit theme for 2022 is “The Aloha Spirit: Hawaii in Houston”, paying homage to the native Hawaiian values of unity with open arms, compassion, and being the force needed to improve the state of our world.

As experts have noted, solar and wind facilities can have a harmful impact on the environment and can’t be sustained on a large scale. The production of solar and wind facilities often creates a greater carbon footprint than many realize, leaving behind pollutants with no means of decomposing and toxic rare earth mining, and China’s geopolitical control that comes with such mining and trade. The equipment that powers these alternative energies is often plagued by low reliability. 

Wind turbines produce little or no power around 60%. Onshore wind farms would need over 247,000 acres of land to produce the equivalent of a standard 3 GW power plant. The materials for making the turbine blades are largely not recyclable. The process of destroying the turbines, cutting and grinding them as well as trucking them to landfills, adds to their overall carbon footprint. Additionally, most solar panels only have efficiencies between 15% to 20% and leach toxic chemicals as they age.  

Alternative energies, like solar and wind, also have a very high capacity cost per megawatt and underreported deficit capacity factors. The industry states deficient capacity factors lead to low avoided emissions and low avoided energy cost per dollar invested. This means the burden on taxpayers to create these facilities simply isn’t worth it.

Government subsidies and incentives hide the actual costs of wind turbines. China is currently the world’s largest wind and solar energy producer. The country has accrued a total debt of $42 billion and is growing because of ongoing subsidy payments. The “Build Back Better” bill debated in the US Congress would provide $320 billion in Clean Energy Expanded Tax Credits over 10 years. The bill could increase the budget deficit by $367 billion over ten years. “Free” solar panels would in actuality be produced with taxpayers ' money, whether they decide to install them in their homes or not.

DIDI has been selected to present its solutions to the complex issues outlined above. 

They will be introducing their advanced hydropower systems, including the SeaDog Wave Pump and the suite of technologies developed by Mr. Welch Jr. toward the deployment of the Global Oceanic and SeaDog Systems energy technology suite, which provides a truly clean, recyclable, cold, grid-scale wave energy-driven hydropower system that works on the same order of economic and fiscal efficiency as hydroelectric dams, without the dam, the numerous environmental impacts of dams, or the disastrous consequences caused by large-scale dam failure. 

DIDI provides world-class hydropower energy systems and is in the process of taking its infrastructure and energy technologies to commercial scale, after investing $3 to $5 million annually over the last two decades in the ideation, realization, modeling, testing, and demonstration of their wave energy technology, which was recently independently assessed by a third-party evaluation, citing the companies’ technologies as economically feasible and ready for commercialization.

The DIDI Wave Energy Converter Carousel can convert offshore wind turbine towers into a more cost-effective and sustainable grid-scale offshore energy farm. It does not take away and consume land and is non-destructive to ocean life. It avoids the many harmful impacts and associated costs detailed above in other so-called RE systems.

With capacity factor superiority and higher energy output than a wind turbine, as well as cheaper cost of infrastructure, maintenance, and greater longevity, along with its network architecture, will not have a need for costly peaking plants or energy storage systems. 

A Seadog Wave Energy Converter Carousel generates more energy than all other systems per given footprint, making the SeaDog Wave Energy Converter a game-changer in wave energy development, designed to deal with the harshest of offshore environments. Henosis foundation will be showcasing this truly disruptive technology on the leading edge of alternative energy breakthroughs. 

Henosis Foundation is pleased to create a space for astute leaders looking to clarify and navigate a rapidly changing world, and to showcase the leading innovators and entrepreneurs making waves. 

The ESI summit 2022 will enable leaders to chart a clearer vision and risk-managed future course for their organizations in a chaotic world, with a priority to accelerate progress and tackle global challenges. Leaders, well-respected thinkers, and guests who are invited to the ESI Summit are all heavily researched and highly admired by the organizers. 

The goal of the ESI Summit is to converge the best and brightest in the energy space to foster pertinent discussions about these solutions and forge connections between intelligent minds in attendance. ESI will feature experts in the leading areas of sustainability and will connect each of the major issues to future impact and strategies to thrive. 

Guests will have exclusive access to a plethora of new and exciting companies and businesses on the forefront of alternative energy solutions, with the aim of providing American and International industry leaders with insights, ideas, and answers to some of the world's biggest problems. 


The ESI Summit will prove to be a weekend of clarity, idea generation, renewed vision, networking, and fun! The summit will also feature a gala with well-known entertainers, great food, an open bar, well-appointed guest rooms and amenities, and that internationally acclaimed Four Seasons® quality and highly personalized service. The summit is invite-only, and invitations will soon be shared with a select group of industry leaders within the coming weeks.


The ESI Summit will be taking place on June 17-19, 2022, in Houston, TX. 

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